Andy Robertshaw’s got a replica World War 1 trench system in Charlwood, Surrey. It’s the subject of a major feature in the Daily Mail. The many photographs in the feature show Andy, dressed in WW1 uniform, in different parts of the trench system.

In the photos it shows Andy with nicely polished boots.  It looks superbly real in the Mail’sphotographs. I visited the trench on one of its open days. The cool thing is that when it rains, it’s muddy. The mud is truly clingy and not easy to avoid in the narrow trenches. So, if you do visit the trench system make sure that you wear suitable clothing and boots. Just get a plastic bag in which to put your muddy shoes, and have spare shoes in your car.

It is thoroughly recommend for you to visit for its life-like representation. As Andy says in the Daily Mail article, what comes to mind when you’re in the trench is the many ways you’d try to make it more comfortable, and to keep your boots dry. Here are a couple of photos of the mud in trench at the end of March 2013 – see earlier blog for more photos.

Encountering a resting soldier in under a shelter. Note the muddy boots and putteesMoving along the trench system, over muddy and slippery duck boards